Gebeng Industrial Area

Gebeng Industrial Park

Gebeng Industrial Area

  • The Gebeng Industrial Estate, Pahang’s main petrochemical cluster is well connected via the East Coast Expressway to the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
  • In conjunction with the recent Qinzhou Day (investment promotion conference, art & cultural exchanges) organised by the Kuantan Town Council, one of the streets in Gebeng Industrial Estate was re-named to “Qinzhou Road“.
  • The Gebeng Industrial Estate, 5 kilometres from Kuantan Port has a vast expanse of land for investment. It’s strategic location has made it home to many multinational corporations (MNCs) such as:-


Kuantan Port is supported by industries such as:-                        

  • The Kuantan Port Industrial Area located within the vicinity of the port are made up of companies that have leased or rented land from the port for their business activities.
  • The Gebeng Industrial Estate, has made it a world-class petrochemical zone covering an area of 8,600 hectares. The Gebeng Industrial Estate is a thriving hub of commercial activity where numerous multinational corporations in the petrochemical sector are head-quartered.

Complementary to this, the present Gebeng by-pass eases traffic flow between the Gebeng Industrial Estate and Kuantan Port. The by-pass is directly linked with the East West Expressway which connects Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan. This direct link provides a cost-effective means of transportation and greater accessibility in the transfer of freight and raw materials to and from the Gebeng Industrial Estate to domestic and international markets. It has also greatly increase the viability of Kuantan Port in the domestic and international freight movements on a land bridge concept.