Kuantan Port Awarded APEC Port Service Network (APSN) Green Port 2022

Kuantan Port received its first Green Port Award under the Green Port Award System (GPAS) program from the APEC Port Service Network.

The GPAS is a green port evaluation system for ports in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region that evaluates green initiatives developed by the ports industry within the APEC region. It is also intended to encourage port-related industries to expand and manage their businesses in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Kuantan Port has embarked on various green port initiatives, including shore power supply, solar energy conversion, LED lighting for high masts, and replacing diesel-powered machinery with hybrid-powered engines, to name a few. This recognition indicates that Kuantan Port is on track to achieve Green Port status by 2030.


Kuantan Port Shore Power Supply Project

Kuantan Port aims to be one of the leading green ports in Malaysia with considerably environmentally friendly port operations and delivery to our customers. With a strategic plan called Kuantan Port Green Port Initiatives, guidelines have been developed for green project implementations in Kuantan Port, thus moving towards Green Port status by 2030.

The Kuantan Port Shore Power Supply project is one of the projects conducted under the Green Port Initiatives that supply shore power to our tug boats berthed at Kuantan Port. Yet another milestone!


The Deepest Vessel Entered Kuantan Port

Kuantan Port break another record by welcoming MV Heng Mao, the deepest vessel ever berthed in Kuantan Port with a 16.4-metre draught. With a capacity of 180,000 DWT, it is not only the deepest but also the heaviest vessel ever to call at Kuantan Port.

Another record-breaking vessel for Kuantan Port this year, and none of it would have been possible without the expertise of our pilots, led by Chief Pilot Captain Zaidi Abdul Zilah and not to forget the rest of the operation team.


The First Deepest Vessel with 15.4 Metres Draft Berthed in Kuantan Port

Kuantan Port welcomed MV True Corsair, the deepest vessel with a 15.4 metres draft ever berth in Kuantan Port.

It was not an easy task to keep the vertical distance between the lowest part of the ship’s hull and the seabed for only 2 metres gap. Hats off to Kuantan Port pilots and the rest of the operations team, as they have successfully brought the vessel into the Kuantan Port New Deep Water Terminal.

This may be the first time for the team to handle a vessel with such a draft, but this definitely would not be the last one. Kuantan Port recently revised the draft for the New Deep Water Terminal from 14.5 metres to 16.5 metres, which allows us to handle vessels up to 180,000 DWT.